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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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How Innovation Works

There are few  people who would deny that we live in a time of unprecedented innovation. Google and Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter, iPhone and iPads, Spotify and Netflix  none of which came into existence only two decades ago now have drastically altered the way markets operate. As he discusses the rapid innovations of the modern... Continue Reading →

Writing a Business Plan

As just a map to navigate each voyage and not all destinations can be reached without directions, the business plan or report is a business map or compass. Resource planning is essential to business sustainability. A business plan must include "Company Purpose, Problem, Solution,Why Now Market Size, Competition ,Product, Business Model , Team, Financials". These... Continue Reading →

Mapping customer Journey

A consumer journey map shows all the customer experience with you visually. This can tell a story about an initial engagement and potentially long-term interaction about a customer's interactions with your company.A client's experience is at first sight very straightforward. Anything you sell, they purchase. However, once you get into the specifics, customer journey is... Continue Reading →

Raising money for start-up

Crowdfunding is way to raise support by calling for a small sum of money each of a large number of people. Traditionally, a business, project or plan is funded by demanding large amounts of money from a few individuals. Crowdfunding turns this notion around and appeals to thousands – if not million – of potential... Continue Reading →

Importance of video advert

The rise of digitization around the world has made video advertising more popular. The engagement is much higher in video advert than visual advertising.  Despite the fact that so many of us consume online videos on a daily basis, many marketers still aren’t using video as part of their digital marketing strategy or aren’t seeing... Continue Reading →

Importance of Team Work

Team is the foundation in any performance. Be it an event, a game, a show or a business organisation, it is always a dedicated set of team members, who write the success sagas, through effective and collective contributions. In business, effective teamwork is the secret behind growth and success. To be an effective team member... Continue Reading →

Pitch Perfect

In 1920, an aspiring young illustrator was fired from his job at a newspaper company. 'You lack any form of creativity!' his boss told him the reason for firing. Over the next years, the artist took on odd jobs to pay the bills, all while continuing to pursue his dream of becoming an animator. During... Continue Reading →

Business Modelling

A Business Model is a conceptual structure that supports the viability of a product or company and explains how the company operates, makes money, and how it intends to achieve its goals. All the business processes and policies that a company adopts and follows are part of the business model. During initials days of starting up lean canvas is... Continue Reading →

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